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HAWK-800 and AtomaHawk Upgrade Kits
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*** Poly-800 MK2 kit NOW AVAILABLE ***

Check out the YouTube videos of the mod's in action

Welcome to the home pages for the HAWK-800 Korg Poly-800 upgrade kit . The Korg Poly-800 MK1, MK2 and the EX-800 module were great synthesizers for their time but their MIDI implementation is painfully short on features and there are several features that are completely missing. On top of that, there are some excellent modifications that hackers and circuit benders have been doing over the years that require drilling holes in your treasured keyboard. We have changed all of that by creating three upgrade kits that dramatically improve the MIDI implementation, user control and sound features of the Korg Poly-800 MK1, MK2 and EX-800 synthesizers.

*** HAWK-800 Kit is Available ***
*** AtomaHawk Kit is Available ***

It's 2014 and we are still providing customers with the HAWK-800 and AtomaHawk upgrade kits. The HAWK-800P and HAWK-800EX kits are only $99 USD, the HAWK-800MK2 is $104 USD and the AtomaHawk is just $29 USD. Delivery times are about 8 to 12 weeks as we ship out kits in batches about 4 times a year. Go to our "Buy the Kit" page to place your order today.

You will need to install the HAWK-800 kit first before you can install the AtomaHawk kit. The AtomaHawk kit gives you MIDI and parameter control over the well known Poly-800 hardware hacks such as the 12/24dB filter switch mod, the "Moog Slayer" extreme resonance mod and the "FM-800" which provides DCO filter modulation or quasi FM.

Rebuilding the Poly 800 and EX-800. Hey why not?

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